A Murder Is Forever
Season 6, Episode 8
Air date November 11, 2013
Written by Chad Gomez Creasey &
Dara Resnik Creasey
Directed by Bill Roe
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"Like Father, Like Daughter"
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Season 6
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A Murder Is Forever[1] is the eighth episode of the sixth season of Castle.


When a famed relationship therapist is murdered, it appears that her access to the secrets of her elite and powerful clients led to her death. But when Castle and Beckett discover the victim was in possession of a rare object worth millions of dollars, they realize that this case may be even more complicated – and dangerous – than they thought.




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Castle: You see, I'm honoring you by inviting you into my territory and Linus is part of that territory.
Beckett: And if you want to be invited into my territory again, you should probably rethink that.
Esposito: You really buy that?
Ryan: Uh, yeah. Skimmed through her book. I think there might be something to her theory. For instance, she said that in every relationship, there's needs to be masculine energy and feminine energy, even in ours.
Esposito: Oh. Well, we know which one you're are.
Ryan: I don't know about you, but I'm very comfortable in my masculinity.
Esposito: You do realize you're wearing a sweater vest, right?

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  • This is the second episode to feature diamond smuggling central to the main plot's case - the first episode was season 2's The Third Man, where a trio of conspirators were using an exotic pet shop as a front for illegal imports.
  • During Castle and Beckett's argument over Linus the lion painting, they handle the elephants on Beckett's desk, which will be crucial to a later episode.


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