Adam Baldwin
Adam Baldwin
Character Detective Ethan Slaughter
Birthday February 27, 1962
Birth Place Chicago, Illinois
Appearances Headhunters

Adam Baldwin is an American actor who portrays Detective Ethan Slaughter from the city's gang unit in the fourth and eighth seasons of Castle.

Adam and Nathan were members of the crew of the Serenity in Firefly, as Jayne Cobb and Malcolm Reynolds respectively.

As with Ethan Slaughter, Baldwin's Jayne was violent, unprincipled, and almost as dangerous to his allies as his enemies.

In Headhunters, Castle gives Slaughter a brown coat; this is one of many Firefly references in the episode. Baldwin was allowed to keep the coat after the episode, and wore it to panels at Comic Con 2012 and Nerd HQ, both times with Nathan Fillion (and where the two briefly discussed Castle).

Like Nathan, Adam played a villain in a Joss Whedon vehicle. Nathan played the fanatical priest of evil, Caleb, on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Baldwin played demonic lawyer and emissary of the Senior Partners, Marcus Hamilton, on Angel. In both cases, they were evil emissaries of an undefeatable evil, and each of them got to toss the eponymous hero around with impunity - at least for a while.

Adam is not related to the Baldwin clan which has sent Alec and his multitude of brothers to Hollywood.

Other notable parts include supersoldier Knowle Rohrer on the X-Files, Animal Mother in the movie Full Metal Jacket, and Colonel John Casey on Chuck.

As of June 22, 2014, Baldwin is co-starring with actor Eric Dane on the TNT new drama series The Last Ship.

Trivia & Fact

Nathan and Adam also contributed to free speech activism in 2011 after the University of Wisconsin censored a theater professor who pinned a Firefly poster to his door. After widespread public outrage, pressed by Fillion, Baldwin, author Neil Gaiman and the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, the University issued a retraction, apology and change in the campus free speech policy.

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