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Adam Lane
Adam Lane
Vital Statistics
Full Name Adam Lane
AKA Net Slayer
Gender Male
Status Alive / In Prison
Occupation Former funeral home employee
Other family Unnamed mother (deceased)
Character Information
Appearances Meme is Murder
Portrayed by Jared Kusnitz

Adam Lane is a serial killer with a need for vengeance and attention, closely tying his murders to his dark past with the internet and taking his rage out on police and the world at large.

Lane, a born loner with an absent father, was bullied regularly in high school, which he could withstand and kept on with his life in spite of the harassment, up to a breaking point. That point was when a football player at Harding High, Tim Witherspoon, stole Lane's clothes in the locker room while he showered, leading to Lane getting into a screaming fight with Witherspoon while he was completely nude. Witherspoon secretly recorded the altercation to post on his MySpace account. Kids put Lane in the worst focus, intensifying his harassment to countless vulgar emails and other messages and posts. Since cyberbullying didn't have a strong standing in cybercrime statutes back then, the case wasn't brought to any charges or penalties, despite the video that ruined Lane's life being erased and responding officer Bill Garrett being his staunchest advocate in the system.

Lane dropped out of school and became completely isolated. He lived in his mother's old apartment building in a rental space in the basement, when it was bought by a couple who came to New York from Russia. While working in a funeral home, Lane picked up his familiarity on anatomy. A year before the events of "Meme is Murder", his mother passed away. With no one left for him, and likely to talk him down from the worst directions his life could lead, Lane tracked Witherspoon down two months later and stabbed him to death in revenge.

Unsatisfied with still not having closure, Lane decided to get payback against the online world, the system, and the public by getting their attention through a scarring series of murders. His plan came to involve stalking social media figures as targets, gaining information on them by watching their routines and even establishing contact with them under aliases, and went as far as taking pictures of their keys, which either they posted or he snapped while he was in disguise, so he could make 3D-printed copies. Lane then set up an account on photo-sharing app Snappamatic with the handle "Net Slayer", where he'd post pictures of his murders on and dare the authorities to catch him and the world to get immeasurably frightened so he'd leave his own personal history behind. He'd guarantee to be untraceable or with fail-safes from his lifelong computer prowess.

Lane started with 23-year-old Abby Smith, who posted fictitious bad reviews just for online reaction to practice her comedy skills, by pretending to be a candidate for her apartment when she was renting out the space. After snapping a photo of her key under a brick she left outside, while in a hoodie and fake beard which was caught on ATM footage, he got himself comfortable enough to kill Smith by stalking her, slipping a postcard under her apartment with the message "the brightest stars burn quickest". Around the time Lane was ready to face Smith, he sent her a text of a long-distance picture he took while he was watching her. He then swiftly used the plastic key to get inside and stabbed her to death using a long, thin, pointed weapon to pierce the arteries in her neck and shoulders with anatomical precision he was familiar with. Lane was partly trying to frame acupuncturist Edward Han, whose business crashed because of Smith, but he was alibied by the bar he drank at that night.

"Net Slayer" was found in Smith's followers list, with a photo of her after she died that Lane had snapped, captioned "This star's 15 seconds are over". Since Snappamatic's specifically designed for encryption and anonymity, Lane couldn't be followed. The police decided to keep his account up to track him and see if he slipped with any revelations, but his post was deleted. Lane ensured Garrett was the prime suspect from circumstantial evidence, leaving wood varnish trace on the postcard, killing Smith with what was later revealed to be Garrett's scratch awl, and stole his emergency burner and used his WiFi to take the photos and digitally tag them to Garrett. When Garrett was arrested with a full-armed response, which made him furious as a retired cop, Lane posted footage of the arrest. Leaving pictogram photos from other posts as a Rebus riddle to his next murder, he captioned his posts with "Wrong suspect, NYPD. I'm still here. What will I do next? The game is on."

Two pictures, one of a painting and another of a snapshot of German food cuisine, were from users with low-key profiles, Mary Fuchs and Daniel Leek. Since Mary was low in popularity and Daniel was in Seattle for a gallery, they were ruled out as targets. But a collage of body parts belonged to a photo of Tatiana Fisher, who ran a channel about her lavish, posh lifestyle and was featured in a news article, "The Spoiled Brats of Snappamatics". Daniel's painting was called "Spoiled", and Mary's photo had bratwurst in it, so Fisher was feared to be the net target. She refused police protection and was near getting into her car with her boyfriend Cam Magani, who took the photo of her in the riddle, but he was revealed to be Lane's target, as his throat was slashed while he was in the driver's seat.

The news, social media, the city, and the world were in a frenzy, and when Lane posted photos of a dead Magani, captioned "A spoiled brat learns his lesson", he also posted Castle and Beckett clinking their coffee cops before the case even began, just to make them look bad. It was captioned "NYPD is on the case. Feel safe, New York? You shouldn't. I'm not done." Internal Affairs was furious and insisted the precinct turn the heat up on the investigation. When plastic was found in the victims' locks, the keys and the 3d printer were figured out, leading to Smith's apartment rental being revealed as how the killer got hers. The ATM camera footage showed Lane the day he snapped a photo of the key under the loose brick, and his face. Knowing Garrett was framed likely because of his past cases, and knowing a victim, not a criminal, was tricking everyone, Lane was finally identified. Garrett remorsefully recounted how Lane fell apart even by Garrett's efforts, and Lane was finally tracked to his basement home.

Photo evidence of his crimes were on his walls, and he peacefully surrendered. He smugly chuckled, as it was revealed Snappamatic's two founders, Oren and Kent Winder, were live-streamed being held hostage in an unknown location, and hooked to a machine that would electrocute them in less than an hour. Since tarps were behind them, Lane's account couldn't be traced, and he even set up hacks to crash systems trying to trace him so no one knew where they were. Meanwhile, every five seconds, updates on a "Like Me or I Die" popularity contest mock-up showed photos of the brothers and updated votes on which brother viewers wanted to die. Continuously, Lane defected all chances to get him to confess. He was unphased by threats of prison conditions, relishing the impact his murders had while painting himself better than other famous other murderers, and even sarcastically scolded the viewers for participating in the publicity. Beckett tried warnings, sympathy, and deals, but Lane just kept his taunts and defense mechanisms up. As a final tactic, Beckett degraded Lane by saying he was always problematic, his life's downward spiral was his fault, and the rest of the world would be better off ignoring his message. Lane finally slipped and described the room, which Garrett recognized was the locker room of Lane's school, which was abandoned when it changed campuses. Esposito and Ryan arrived just when the clock stopped, and Esposito pulled the wires out of the machine, shutting it off and saving the brothers' lives.

Lane was taken into custody and sent to prison for the rest of his life, with solemn reminders he would be remembered because the internet is forever.


  • Tim Witherspoon (stabbed to death)
  • Abby Smith (stabbed her neck and shoulder arteries with a scratch awl; previously stalked and threatened)
  • Bill Garrett (robbed of his belonging to frame him for Smith's murder)
  • Cam Magini (slashed his throat)
  • The Wilders kidnapping:
    • Kent Wilder (kidnapped and attempted to electrocute; was rescued)
    • Oren Wilder (kidnapped and attempted to electrocute; was rescued)