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Alan Freeman
Alan Freeman
Vital Statistics
Full Name Alan McGinty (birthname)
Gender Male
Status Alive
Spouse(s) Janice Freeman (2nd wife)
Elizabeth (Dryden) McGinty (1st wife, deceased)
Children Rosie Freeman (daughter)
Matthew Freeman (son, deceased)
Character Information
Appearances "Vampire Weekend"
Portrayed by Robin Thomas

Alan Freeman was the father of murder victim Matthew Freeman, a.k.a. Crow, in "Vampire Weekend" but he and his son had not been close for many years.

Alan's family had, in fact, been devastated 19 years earlier when his first wife Elizabeth, Matthew's mother, disappeared. Matthew's chosen lifestyle, as a vampire, only served to reinforce the estrangement from his family. When Alan married his second wife, Janice, he took on her maiden name, "Freeman".

Alan's wife, Janice, and daughter, Rosie, are with him at the station when Beckett, sympathetically, looks for clues as to who would have wanted to hurt Matthew. Alan blames himself for not dragging his son away from his unsavory friends. Janice blames Matthew's love of art and circle of friends for pulling him away.

Sadly, this is far less than half the story; Beckett asks the Freemans back when it becomes clear that Matthew, as a toddler, witnessed the murder of a woman whose body was recently discovered by police, a woman whom he drew throughout his developing years, and who, it turns out, is his missing mother. Alan was a suspect then, and naturally becomes one again now - with his lying to Matthew and Rosie about their mother's identity not helping his case. But it turns out he isn't the killer, which was also the same in both cases: Janice, his second wife.

As Alan grapples with the fact that Janice, who had raised his son for nearly his entire life, could murder him, Beckett has to break the truth that Janice wanted Elizabeth out of the way in order to have Alan to herself, and Matthew was a constant reminder of the first murder she had committed to do so. He is last seen leaving the station with Rosie, the two of them leaning on each other for support.