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Wikia Castle - Amanda
Amanda stating her case
Vital Statistics
Title Student
Gender Female
Status Alive
Donny Kendall (ex-boyfriend)
Brandon (ex-boyfriend)
Character Information
Appearances "Hedge Fund Homeboys"
Portrayed by Michelle Page

Amanda is a character portrayed by Michelle Page in the ABC crime series Castle.



Amanda, a senior at Redding Prep, an exclusive New York private school, plays an active role in the tale a group of friends weave for Beckett and Castle. Away from her support network though, she shows most of the classic, looking-for-a-place-in-the-world, qualities of adolescence. Amanda is the ex of Donny Kendall and the girlfriend of Brandon, but her multiple, highly visible, piercings suggest she's trying to prove a point to someone in the world of "Hedge Fund Homeboys". Amanda provides Beckett with vital corroboration that the video of the fatal night that she shot was originally Brandon's idea.