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Amanda Lowrey
Amanda Lowery
Amanda Collier, in all her terror
Vital Statistics
Full Name Amanda Lowrey
Gender Female
Status Incarcerated
Occupation College student
Parents David Collier (father; deceased)
Character Information
Appearances Scared to Death
Portrayed by Vivian Kerr

Amanda Lowery (formerly Collier) is the killer in the episode "Scared to Death", with a twist that freezes her victims in shocks of absolute fear.

Evoking The Ring, she would send her victims tapes with disturbing mixed images saying they only had three days left to live, after which Amanda killed them in a way which their expressions would show the intended reaction, fear, to their last sights - her once she revealed who she was. Amanda went after specific people with a tragic secret she was connected to.

Her father, David Collier, was a suspect in the case of serial killer Nigel Malloy years ago, and the police were stressing to find the perpetrator. Fingering the wrong man, they brought Collier in for a lineup due to his mere history of insanity. Coercing four witnesses, Jason Bennett, Val Butler, Mark Heller, and a an unnamed person never seen on-screen, the group of four falsely identified Collier of being present at the scenes of the murders to the police. He was placed in lockup for three days, devastated and paranoid over being imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit. Collier's madness reached a peak in three days to the point where he fatally electrocuted himself in his holding cell. Malloy was never identified nor captured, while Collier's grieving family, daughter Amanda and her widowed mother, never recovered from the injustice which led to the loss of someone they loved.

Growing into a young adult, Amanda devised a scheme when she swore revenge on the witnesses responsible. Amanda stalked the four witnesses, even moving in with Val as a roommate when she changed her last name to "Lowery" to stay hidden in plain sight close by. The tapes Amanda sent them intermixed images implying their wrongdoings, starting the clock's ticking to the ends of their lives. After the three days for Jason and Val, she killed each of them with high-powered taser shocks to their hearts, leaving no marks except for their grotesque expressions of shock from not wanting to die. Amanda herself was a "witness" to Val's murder, having "found" her roommate dead on the floor in their shared apartment.

Jason was also discovered later, and Richard Castle watched the tape himself, believing he was cursed to die next. It also scared the rest of the team, including Kate Beckett, despite her unshakable resilience against the rumor of the "curse" and certain of the cold-blooded killer at work. Piecing the images together, they realize Malloy is the focus of the tape from subliminal images hinting essential pieces in the case. His institutionalized brother, Leopold Malloy, of no help, and deducing the killer is working down a list of witnesses, they track Mark to a shack he's hiding in, with Castle out of paranoia bringing various weapons against the paranormal.

Beckett runs into Leopold's nurse on staff, who's there to warn them of the truth, and Castle gets it from Mark himself about how they're guilty of Collier's negligent death. When Mark mentions Collier's daughter by her first name, Amanda, Castle realizes Amanda is the killer, and she's coming to kill Mark that night. Amanda breaks into the cabin and stalks around trying to find Mark, saying his three days are up like her father's were. She eventually corners Mark and Castle, ready to tase them both, revealing her weapon all along, in the openly spoken name of her father. Beckett barges in with her gun drawn, enough a distraction for Amanda to swivel around and Castle to conk her with his vial of holy water. She then meets her father's fate in custody, but along with a long jail sentence for her crimes. ("Scared to Death")


  • Jason Bennett
  • Val Butler
  • Mark Heller (stalked and attempted to tase to death; was rescued)
  • Richard Castle (attempted to tase to death; knocked her unconscious instead)
  • Unidentified witness (intended; she was stopped)