Amy Barrett
Amy Barrett.jpg
Vital Statistics
Full Name Amy Barrett
AKA Susan Watts
Gender Female
Status Incarcerated
Criminal Status Abductor
Character Information
Appearances Resurrection
Portrayed by Laura Coover

Amy Barrett originally seems to have an uncanny cosmetic resemblance to dead patient Susan Watts, both having appointments with Dr. Kelly Nieman, esteemed surgeon and serial killer Jerry Tyson's girlfriend. Barrett is persistently warned by Detective Kate Beckett to watch herself, as with Watts already dead in Tyson's MO, she could be next, with Nieman setting her looks up for such a murder.

However, after both taunts and stonewalling from Nieman and Tyson, Tyson going by the name Mike Boudreaux, a "truck driver", Barrett's revealed to be in collusion with them. In "Resurrection", she calls Beckett and claims she fears for her life, but at the meeting location, Barrett blitzes Beckett with an injection to knock her out and then places her in a wheelchair to abduct her. Calling Nieman, Barrett says, "It's done" in a garbled voice as she and Tyson leave the precinct uncharged.

In "Reckoning", while the chase is on to save Beckett, Barrett keeps watch at the cabin Tyson's hiding at. While Nieman plans to exchange her face and Beckett's in a transplantation, Castle tracks the cabin and surprises Barrett after she steps outside for a smoke, performing a citizen's arrest. Barrett reveals Beckett's not there and Tyson's alone, with nothing wired on the house, before she's forced into the trunk of the car.

Tyson sees Castle coming from a mile away and holds him hostage as Nieman prepares the procedure. However, the police best them both, as Javier Esposito snipes Tyson to death while Beckett breaks free and fatally stabs Nieman with her own scalpel. It's never fully specified what happened to Barrett, but she was presumably arrested and charged, facing a lengthy imprisonment for her part in the felonious vendetta.

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