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Amy Morgan
Amy Morgan
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Occupation Depositions attorney
Other family Leslie Morgan Thomas (sister)
Darren Thomas (brother-in-law)
Owen Thomas (brother in law)†
Unnamed (father)
Unnamed (grandmother)
Character Information
Appearances "Once Upon a Crime"
Portrayed by Lindsey Santefort

Amy Morgan is a character portrayed by Lindsey Santefort in the episode "Once Upon a Crime".

Amy was the first victim of a serial killer, a young woman found in the woods having seemingly been attacked by a wolf and dressed as Little Red Riding Hood. Her older sister, Leslie, is brought in to confirm identification, a dreadful task, but sadly, not the end of her woes, as it transpires that Amy's death was linked to the 2005 death of Owen Thomas, the younger brother of Leslie's husband, Darren Thomas.

Darren had recently discovered that three girls, Amy, Kristina Curtis, and Charlotte Boyd had conspired to cover up the fact that one of them had, in a hit-and-run, been responsible for Owen's death. Darren blackmailed the girls for $50,605 each. One of the girls (Charlotte), fearing that she might be ratted out as Owen's killer, staged the three fairy tale-themed murder scenes, giving herself a non-fatal dose of the drug cocktail she used on the others.