Amy Saunders
Wikia Castle - Amy Saunders
A highly impressed Amy Saunders - Beckett less so
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive
Occupation Cosmopolitan reporter
Character Information
Appearances Deep in Death
Portrayed by Elizabeth Ho

Amy Saunders is the perpetrator of the puff piece that makes Kate Beckett a pretty good candidate for homicide herself.

Who she would kill, though, the reporter or Castle, who's the star at the center of this media galaxy, is more of a toss up; either way, Beckett could easily be "Deep in Death".

Amy hangs on Castle's every syllable, and seems to see Beckett as a Bond girl. She ends up getting far closer to the action than she wanted, when the coroner's van she's riding in is hijacked on the way back to the precinct. When last heard of, she was on the receiving end of an interview, just for a change.

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