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Andrea Fisher
Andrea Fisher
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive
Spouse(s) Ken Fisher (husband)
Roger Farraday (affair)
Children Shelby Fisher (daughter)
Character Information
Appearances A Deadly Game
Portrayed by Allison McAtee

Andrea Fisher is a Long Island housewife experiencing a 'spy-cation' in "A Deadly Game".

Andrea clipped numerous coupons, balanced the family budget, and did what she needed to in order to squirrel away the cost of the holiday. She's a mother and wife, so the roleplaying of the espionage mission offers her the opportunity to explore her wild side.

Castle first encounters her as the Francophone femme fatale who turns out not to be his (Roger's) contact - that position is filled by Hans Brauer.

When Beckett pulls her in for questioning, Andrea is shocked to learn that there has been a real death during the fake mission, and saddened to learn that someone she knew only slightly but 'worked with' has somehow got caught up in the seamier side of spying.

Further investigation of the victim's financials, however, tells a very different story, since he, not thrift, paid for Andrea's getaway. Andrea confesses to having an affair, something she was desperate to keep from her husband, Ken.

Sadly, that ship has sailed, since her marksman hubby was the one who put five rounds in the guy who was wrecking his home, using the cloak-and-dagger of the roleplaying to hide his handiwork.