Barbara Mann
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive
Spouse(s) Bobby Mann (ex-husband)
Character Information
Appearances "The Late Shaft"
Portrayed by Beth Broderick

Barbara Mann was the first ex-wife of talk shown host Bobby Mann. She was played by Beth Broderick and appeared in The Late Shaft.

As the only one who'd loved and married him before his fame, he often came to see her when he was down and needed someone to talk to. On his last night alive, he came to her apartment she lived in a building that he owned as part of the terms of their divorce providing her with a good apartment, troubled about a decision that he was about to make, to ask if he was a good man. Barbara assured Bobby that, while he had been a lousy husband, he was a good person regardless.

He left her apartment at 1:15am, a time confirmed by the doorman of the apartment complex where Barbara lived, thus clearing Barbara of Bobby's murder later that night as the poison he had ingested would have to have been taken later than that for him to die when he did.