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Benjamin Morris
Wikia Castle - Benjamin Morris
Benjamin Morris, as ever, defending his son
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Children Brian Morris (son)
Character Information
Appearances "The Dead Pool"
Portrayed by Bruce Katzman

Benjamin Morris is a character portrayed by Bruce Katzman in the ABC crime series Castle.

Benjamin Morris is the overbearing father of Brian Morris, an Olympic swimming hopeful whose money and arrogance blended to provide him with "SWM4GLD" vanity plates for his car.

When Zach Lindsey, the major stumbling block to those medal dreams, turns up deceased in "The Dead Pool", Brian is an early, and recurring, suspect, but later Castle realizes that Brian has never emerged from daddy's shadow, and inspecting Ben's phone logs opens up a slew of new possible suspects.

In the end, despite having purchased illegal performance-enhancing drugs for Brian, neither father nor son had any direct role in Zach's death, although, tragically, it was the performance drugs he found in Brian's car that got him killed by another swimmer.