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Bobby Mann
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Bobby Mann telling Castle about his own death mark
Vital Statistics
Title Talk Show Host
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Spouse(s) Barbara Mann (1st ex-wife)
Cindy Mann (5th ex-wife)
Character Information
Appearances "The Late Shaft"
Portrayed by Tom Bergeron

Bobby Mann is a character portrayed by Tom Bergeron in the ABC crime series Castle.

Bobby Mann is his generation's Johnny Carson, the man with the talk show that everybody who wanted to be anybody needed to get on.

When he appears as the opening act of "The Late Shaft", he's interviewing Rick Castle, who conicidentally has a book and film coming out shortly thereafter, but as the cameras stop rolling he leans over and tells Castle that someone is trying to kill him.

When he turns up dead the next day, Castle feels guilty for not taking him more seriously, and throws himself in the investigation of what, at first, seems like an accidental death brought on by a severe allergic reaction.

Lanie, however, uncovers evidence that the balsamic vinegar which proved fatal was mixed with, and masked by, cranberry juice, meaning someone knew of Bobby's condition and spiked his drink - murder, Q.E.D.

Unfortunately, a man with a primetime slot and a cast-iron contract has no shortage of enemies, and the list of potential suspects is even longer than usual, meaning that Beckett and Castle have to reconstruct his last night in every detail, through ex-wives and comedy clubs all the way to his fatal Last Supper.

It turns out Bobby was under massive pressure from the network to "revitalize" his show, and the only way to really do that was to lose his wingman, Hank McPhee, the guy who, for 30 years, had fed him his lines and laughed at his jokes.

Hank it was who had taken his betrayal to heart, and exacted revenge, handing his friend a poisoned chalice of a literal order.