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Bobby Stark
Wikia Castle - Bobby Stark
Bobby Stark doing his de Niro
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation Actor (sitcom America's Dad)
Character Information
Appearances Pretty Dead
Portrayed by Sasha Roiz

Bobby Stark is the epitome of the ingratiating, insincere face of a PR exercise like Baron's All-American Beauty Pageant.

Stark is employed by Victor Baron, but soon makes it clear that he looks out only for number one.

Bobby has a history of unwanted advances, as far as the girls on the show are concerned, but as his involvement, or spite, can make, or break, a competitor, many of them have "given him what he wants". Amber Middleberry, apparently, was the latest lucky winner of his attentions.

Castle has watched him many times, and cannot fully separate the role from the man, but Beckett sees "a drug-addled predator", and time will, to a degree, bear her out.

Despite his many unpleasant qualities, however, Bobby is not the killer, and this brush with the law will, in all probability, be airbrushed by the TV execs and spun by the spin doctors, until it's nothing more than another colorful Bobby anecdote.