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Brian Elliott
Wikia Castle - Brian Elliot
Brian Elliot looking to keep his job
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation Bartender at The Old Haunt
Character Information
Appearances Last Call
Portrayed by Sam Page

Brian Elliot is a bartender at The Old Haunt, a New York drinking establishment with a long pedigree, but recently fallen upon leaner times.

Wilbur Pittorino, the last owner but one, was looking to offload this particular financial albatross, and Brian had managed to put together a syndicate of interested parties to purchase it, when Donny Hayes swooped in with a higher offer and got the place. 

When, as we hear "Last Call", Donny's body is found floating in the East River, Brian comes under suspicion fairly swiftly. Almost as fast, however, a labyrinthine entanglement of relationships ancient and modern and passageways long forgotten take Brian out of the picture, and present far more appealing potential murderers to our duo.

Since Richard Castle spotted Donny "skimming" from the take, and Castle is the new owner of The Old Haunt, it seems questionable, at the very least, whether Brian still has a job there. But it turns out he was given warning and a raise so he could pay his rent without panicking.