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Callie Langston
Wikia Castle - Callie Lagston
Callie Langston at the Varick Club
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive
Damian Westlake (affair)
Character Information
Appearances The Final Nail
Portrayed by Andrea Bogart

Callie Langston is a character portrayed by Andrea Bogart in the ABC crime series Castle.

Callie is the wide-eyed girl whom Damian Westlake strings along with some variation on "my wife doesn't understand me", and who, consequently, is the person to whom that same wife confides the information that Damian has no money of his own, and consequently will leave her (Callie) for someone who can support him in the manner to which he is accustomed.

Callie cannot believe in Damian's innocence after he tells her, on the day of the murder, that nothing is going to keep them apart. She also appears to be the first person to put a serious dent in Castle's previously impenetrable certainty that his friend didn't do it.

Whilst she may have encouraged him to leave his wife, Callie seems genuinely appalled at the thought that Damian is capable of violence or even murder to "simplify" that process. Callie herself is never a suspect in Victoria's killing, even as an accomplice.