Cameron Talbot
Cameron Talbot
Vital Statistics
Title Doctor
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation Former Physician
Spouse(s) Melissa Talbot
Character Information
Appearances "When the Bough Breaks"
Portrayed by Reed Diamond

Doctor Cameron Talbot was a physician, and the husband of Melissa Talbot.

When he learned that his newborn son suffered from a fatal hereditary disease that would kill him in only a few years, rather than tell his wife, he took advantage of his position in the hospital where his son was born to switch his child with another baby born on the same day, reasoning that he was protecting his wife and that nobody would ever notice the difference between the children so long as he changed the records afterwards.

Unfortunately, his plan went wrong when his 'adopted' son's mother, Czech immigrant Eliška Sokol, discovered what had happened after Talbot's son had died, she and her husband divorcing because they couldn't cope with the reminder of their 'son's' loss.

After working for a time in the hospital where Talbot was employed, Sokol managed to gain access to the medical records of the day her son was born, allowing her to determine the identities of the other babies born on that day. Getting a job as a member of the cleaning staff in the Talbots' apartment complex, Eliška managed to acquire a DNA sample from her son and send it off to a lab for analysis.

Attempting to conceal his actions, Talbot killed Eliška, but the team realized the truth when Castle noted that rent for Eliška's apartment had been paid for after her death; Talbot had his secretary collecting Eliška's mail so that he could intercept the DNA test results, as they had yet to be delivered.

After Castle and Beckett confronted him about his attempt to acquire Eliška's mail, he was arrested and sent to prison for her murder.