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Captain Peterson
Vital Statistics
Title Captain
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation NY Police Officer for Special OP division
Character Information
Appearances Cops & Robbers
Portrayed by Dean Norris

Captain Peterson is a senior officer of the New York Police Department's special operations division.

He was in charge of the Emergency Service Unit at the bank robbery and hostage situation Castle and Martha got involved in. Peterson tried to negotiate with the leader of the robbers, but the man had already spoken to Kate Beckett on the phone and only wanted to deal with her, and what he described as her 'bedroom voice'.

Despite his initial dismissal of Kate's presence, when she was requested as a negotiator, Peterson offered her what advice he could about how to handle the negotiations, allowing Kate to make it through the subsequent conversation/confrontation. Albeit aided by the fact that the robbers weren't playing by the regular rules either.


  • His badge number is 41759.