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Carver Burke
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Vital Statistics
Title Dr.
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation Psychiatrist
Character Information
Appearances Carver Burke - List of Appearances
Portrayed by Michael Dorn

Dr. Carver Burke is a character portrayed by Michael Dorn in the ABC crime series Castle.

Dr. Burke is Kate Beckett's psychiatrist, first introduced in season 4.

After being shot at Roy Montgomery's funeral ("Rise"), Beckett is required to attend sessions with him for a psychiatric evaluation prior to returning to duty. However, once this is complete, she decides to continue seeing him for advice and support.

While initially he helped her overcome post traumatic stress disorder ("Rise", "Kill Shot"), the sessions have increasingly dealt with her long-term trouble developing relationships in general, and her internal conflict about forming one with Castle in particular ("Eye of the Beholder", "Headhunters").

Burke is the person to whom Beckett initially confided her secret (that she remembered everything from the day of the shooting -- including Castle's declaration of love).

Burke, at the end of Season 4, has never shown any ulterior motives or agenda, serving simply as a sounding board for the distraught Beckett, and highlighting, perhaps, the lack of true friends in her life, not because Lanie and the boys don't care, but because Beckett cannot, or will not, let them in.

In season 5's "Recoil", he sees Beckett again when she has a dilemma about doing the right thing, as she is investigating an attempt on Senator Bracken's life despite knowing about his role in her mother's death. He suggests that the right choice is whatever she can live with.