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This is an attempt to compile the various areas of knowledge in which, during the course of research conducted for his numerous novels, Rick Castle has dabbled to some discernible degree.

Only the first instance in each field will be listed. The episode number within the specified season will appear at the beginning of the group of entries to which it pertains, in parentheses.

Subjects (chronologically within the series)[]

Season 1[]

(1) Psychopathic methodologies, psychological profiling, forensic pathology, pistols (safety)

(2) Basic legal rights (probable cause), computer skills (burning DVD copy of evidence without Beckett's knowledge)

(3) Mythology (Norse funeral rites), New York private schools (kicked out of several)



(6) Voodoo/Vodun (initial crime scene)

(7) High end burglary, pistol marksmanship (suckers Beckett into a bet)

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Season 4[]