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Charles Oni
Wikia Castle - Charles Oni
Charles Oni contemplating an uncertain future
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Character Information
Appearances Always Buy Retail
Portrayed by Dohn Norwood

Charles Oni is a big man in New York's African immigrant circles, the owner of apartments where illegals can keep their heads down, and the operator of a stall on Canal Street, among other business ventures.

As "Always Buy Retail" finds its feet, Mr. Oni has just started tracking Jamal Buonsi, looking to recover some property. It must be important, since he has forced Jamal's roommate, Azi, to show him sacred Vodun rituals for invoking spirits to aid in a finding. Charles Oni is clearly a bad man.

But not a Big Bad, since there is someone on his trail who terrifies him far more than he intimidates his tenants, which is saying something. When Beckett pulls Mr. Oni for questioning, and threatens to ensure that he remains in New York, he gives this nightmare a name - Mukhta Baylor.

Baylor is a former Nigerian secret police officer who traffics in women, drugs or anything that will turn a profit, an individual who earned his sobriquet "The Butcher of Benin". The team now have bigger bass to barbecue.