Charlotte Boyd
Charlotte Boyd.jpg
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Status Incarcerated
Occupation Real estate broker
Character Information
Appearances Once Upon a Crime
Portrayed by Meghan Markle

Charlotte Boyd was a serial killer who murdered total of three people in "Once Upon a Crime".

In 2005, Charlotte was unintentionally responsible for the death of her friend, Owen Thomas, when she, Owen, and two others, Amy Morgan and Kristina Curtis, became high after a fairytale-themed rave. Charlotte hit Owen with Amy's car when he tried to get back in and she drove away. Reeling from the horrible accident, Amy and Kristina agreed to bury Charlotte's secret before parting ways, signing a blood oath to close this deal.

Eight years later, the threesome had seemingly moved on with their lives when an unknown party discovered the truth about their role in Owen's death and attempted to blackmail them. Charlotte worried that Amy and Kristina would go to the police since she was the one with the most to lose if the truth came out. She killed Amy and Kristina by injecting them with ketamine and oxycodone to stop their hearts before dressing them in copies of the costumes they had been wearing at the party where Owen died. Charlotte did the same to herself to make it look like she was also a victim, timing it so that the police would arrive before the dosage would prove fatal. 

However, Castle was able to deduce that Charlotte was responsible from noticing the position of the bows on the costume each of the victims was wearing; her bow didn't match Amy and Kristina's as it was at a different angle, since she tied it herself. Beckett also proved that Charlotte used the credit card information of one of her real estate firm's clients, Jamie Isaacson, to purchase the costumes, as well as deducing that she had been responsible for Owen's death while driving Amy's car as they had the receipt confirming that Charlotte had paid to repair the damage.

As uniform officers arrived to arrest her, Charlotte was baffled that the bows were what ultimately gave her away.

Known Victims


  • According to her IRS profile in Once Upon a Crime, Charlotte was born on January 7, 1987.
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