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Child's Play
Season 7, Episode 4
Air date October 20, 2014
Written by Rob Hanning
Directed by Rob Bowman
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"Meme is Murder"
Season 7
September 29, 2014 - May 11, 2015
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Child's Play[1] is the fourth episode of the seventh season of Castle.


When an ice cream vender is shot, evidence leads Beckett and Castle to believe that an unknown second-grader may have vital information about the case. Castle goes undercover at an elementary school to try and identify the second-grader but nothing goes as planned.




Main Cast[]

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Mrs. Leslie Ruiz: Class.
Castle: Neat trick.
Mrs. Ruiz: Children, this is Mr. Castle. He’s going to be helping me with today’s lessons.
The Class: Good morning, Mr. Castle!
Mrs. Ruiz: Okay, Colombo. You’re on.
Castle: No, no, this girl – she’s ready to open up to me. We have … a special connection.
Beckett: Really? Should I be worried?
Castle: Only that I’m going to solve the case before you.
Beckett: Oh.
Emily: I’m Emily. Who are you?
Beckett: I’m Kate. I’m Mr. Castle’s … friend.
Emily: Do you like to play princess with him?
Beckett: Uh…sometimes.
Emily: Are you two getting married?
Beckett & Castle: One day.
Beckett: So, basically we're looking for someone who won't intimidate them? An adult presence, in the classroom that eight year olds will view as a peer, someone that they can consider one of their own?
Principal Joe Silva: Okay, but where would we find someone like that?
Castle: Got it! Easy. 
Castle: Being 90% kid myself, I have an ability to get into the minds of children. And I have the perfect plan.
Mrs. Ruiz: Trust me: there is no such thing.
Castle: I'm sure I can handle anything these little charms throw my way. In this case, an eraser.
Alexis: And where do you think your going?
Castle: Um, second grade?
Castle: I'm late for a tea party.
Jason: I'm not talking to Mr. Castle, he's a jerk face!
Castle: Okay, you know what, he's the jerk face!
Beckett: He's eight years old. You've been here for a day and a half and you already have a nemesis?

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  • Castle's favorite ice cream flavor is potato chip fudge.
  • This episode bears the same name as the Child's Play films.
  • Alexis is keeping watch of Castle because she's worried about losing her dad since Driven – as him being worried about her since the season 5 episodes Target and Hunt.
  • The episode begins on the night of October 20, 2014, the date on Jason's permission slip found in Anton's van; also Castle mentions the day's date.


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