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Chuck Bowman
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Role Director
Birth Place Coffeyville, Kansas

Chuck Bowman (born Charles W. Bowman) is an American director for Castle.

He's also the father of Castle's executive producer and director Rob Bowman, and Stephen Bowman, who is Castle's post-production coordinator.

His significant noir experience lead him to direct The Blue Butterfly; actress Stana Katic later said that she couldn't bear to call him by his first name due to his immense experience and reputation.

In his prior career, he has crossed paths with numerous other people involved in Castle. A great many of his endeavors over the years involved the late Stephen J. Cannell, who in addition to playing himself as a recurring role on Castle also was an advisor and confidante to showrunner Andrew Marlowe.

Alongside with Bowman's work includes Adam-12, The Rockford Files, The Greatest American Hero, The A-Team, Riptide, and Hunter.

He also directed episodes of Daybreak, a series which featured Castle alum Adam Baldwin; as well as The Incredible Hulk, where Susan Sullivan played a role.

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Season 4

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