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Chuck Vaughn
Dr. Chuck Vaughn
Vital Statistics
Title Doctor
Gender Male
Status Incarcerated
Character Information
Appearances Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind
Portrayed by Karl T. Wright

Dr. Charles "Chuck" Vaughn is caught up in "Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind" due to being a colleague of Marie Subbarao, the victim.

He is himself a man of science, and therefore he points out to Beckett and Castle the altitude chamber at the center where he and Marie worked side by side as a device which could produce the explosive decompression which was the (grisly) cause and manner of death.

Sadly, both this and the only similar one in the city come up clean for DNA, and even Beckett is on the brink of admitting the remote possibility of Castle's alien spaceship airlock hypothesis.

However, and as ever, the truth turns out to be rather more terrestrial, as Chuck is a spy, sending microwave burst transmissions of secrets to the Chinese, and these are what Marie was picking up.

Chuck killed her, and now attempts to do a runner, but his Chinese handler has other ideas, and is about to terminate the embarrassment when Beckett and Castle, along with Agent Westfield ride in to save the day, in a manner of speaking.

This warehouse in Chinatown also contains the vacuum packer which Chuck used to commit his murder, and so the case is wrapped up.