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Courtney Morantz
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Courtney Morantz trying to grasp
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive
Joshua Leeds (fiancée, deceased)
Character Information
Appearances A Death in the Family
Portrayed by Carrie Southworth

Courtney Morantz is a character portrayed by Carrie Southworth in the ABC crime series Castle.

Courtney was the fiancée of Doctor Joshua Leeds, a plastic surgeon. The two apparently had a very deep relationship, with Courtney showing obvious grief at Leeds' death, and reflecting that he would always call her if circumstances meant that he would be late.

Although they were engaged for a year, a month before their wedding in the Gardens, on the day when they were going to be test-tasting wedding cakes, Leeds was murdered for his role in giving a former mobster plastic surgery, as part of a witness protection detail, when the mob tried to find the person he had operated on.

Although she identified his body, Courtney was unable to provide the team with any information about what Leeds might have been involved in that would have resulted in his death.

The team confirmed her alibi that she was at a cake tasting when Leeds disappeared.