Season 6, Episode 2
Air date September 30, 2013
Written by David Grae
Directed by Tom Wright
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Season 6
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Dreamworld[1] is the second episode of the sixth season of Castle.


Continuing from the season premiere episode, Beckett races against time to find a stolen toxin capable of killing tens of thousands of people. To make matters worse, Castle was exposed, leaving him with less than 24 hours to live.



Castle 6x02 Promo ''Dreamworld'' (HD)

Castle 6x02 Promo ''Dreamworld'' (HD)



Main Cast

Guest Cast


Rachel McCord: You want a coffee?
Castle: No, I’d rather die than drink anymore of that sludge. Too soon? Agent McCord, can I ask you a question?
McCord: Yeah.
Castle: How is she doing here?
McCord: Beckett? She’s good. She has a lot of potential.
Castle: So she’ll be ok.
McCord: Hey, she’s gonna be great.

Featured Music

  • "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor" - Bach (Castle's cellphone ringtone)


  • Beckett learns at the end of the episode that although they found proof that a man was responsible for the killer going after innocent people, like Castle (indirectly), that because of he position in the government there would be nothing done about it.
  • As he comes around from his treatment for the chemical agent, Castle basically 'borrows' the dialogue, and plays the part, of Dorothy at the end of "The Wizard of Oz", proving, to a degree at least, that he is once more himself.


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