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Dylan Fulton
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Dylan Fulton about to be grilled chezCastle
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation Violin instructor
Character Information
Appearances "Fool Me Once…"
Portrayed by Tyler Hoechlin

Dylan Fulton is a character portrayed by Tyler Hoechlin in the ABC crime series Castle.



Dylan Fulton is the extraordinarily talented and excessively handsome young man that Alexis has just persuaded to teach her violin as "Fool Me Once…" warms up the orchestra. Her father's proto-Neanderthal reaction can be guessed, especially when Gram seems equally swept away by the young Adonis. As if his inherent inclinations weren't enough, Castle is working on a case involving a con man with multiple identities, and so is borderline paranoid about the "alleged" Julliard music student. Castle's attitude understandably irks Alexis, who, just for once, sits her father down and reminds him who is the responsible one in their dynamic, but it proves too little, too late. The atmosphere between teacher and pupil has been polluted beyond repair, and Alexis has to look elsewhere for her tuition - anywhere else, in fact, as Martha takes over the sudden free slot in Dylan's teaching schedule.