Edmund Drake
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Edmund Drake appears - magically
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation Accountant
Other family Zalman Drake (Twin Brother, deceased)
Character Information
Appearances "Poof! You're Dead"
Portrayed by Jeff Hephner

Edmund Drake is a character portrayed by Jeff Hephner in the ABC crime series Castle.

Edmund is the "mondo mundane" twin brother of the stage magician, Zalman.

It is difficult to picture much that is more removed from the glamor of illusion than accountancy, but this is how Edmund earns his livelihood, having had little interest or talent for magic beyond him and his brother occasionally doing a 'disappearing act' when they were children involving one disappearing and the other appearing at the other side of the room (Edmund noting that it only really worked for people who didn't know they were twins).

However, since, by the time of "Poof! You're Dead", the family magic shop is in grave financial distress, an accountant may well have the magic wand this situation calls for.

Although considered a suspect by Castle, or rather Zalman masquerading as his own twin having killed the original, he is never on Beckett's radar. Lanie later confirms through fingerprints that Zalman is the victim.

Edmund is subsequently instrumental in providing a fitting finale for the investigation and closure of the case, when he works with a magician that his brother designed tricks for to pose as his brother's ghost and provoke a confession out of his brother's real murderer, billionaire Christian Dahl.

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