Evelyn Montgomery
Evelyn Montgomery
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive
Spouse(s) Roy Montgomery (Deceased)
Children Rebecca Montgomery
Mary Montgomery
Character Information
Appearances "Pretty Dead"
Portrayed by Judith Scott

Evelyn Montgomery is Roy Montgomery's wife and mother of Rebecca and Mary Montgomery.

She first appeared when her husband announced that he was going to retire as an anniversary gift to her, which he did on a regular basis according to Kate Beckett. ("Pretty Dead")

The last time she saw her husband he said he loved her and the children. Her husband was murdered shortly after this by Hal Lockwood. She was seen attending her husband's funeral along with her daughters, and witnessed Kate Beckett getting shot during the latter's speech at the graveside. ("Knockout")

She then later informed Beckett and Castle that Orlando Costas, the victim, broke into her and Roy's house to steal files from the house and off of Roy's old work computer. ("Always")

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