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Francis Benjamin Huntsacker
Frankie introduces Caskett to the Maddoxes
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Incarcerated
Other family Ruth Huntsacker (mother), Florence Cunard (great-grandmother)
Character Information
Appearances The Blue Butterfly
Portrayed by Darin Toonder

Francis Benjamin Huntsacker, more commonly known as Frankie, was the home help to Viola and Jerry Maddox. He was also the son of Ruth Huntsacker, the granddaughter of Florence Cunard, one-time secretary to PI Joe Flynn, the man at the heart of the mystery of "The Blue Butterfly".

Frankie spent six months patiently working his way into the Maddoxes' lives, since he had read Joe's old diary and worked out that they were, in fact, Joe and Vera, the PI and his love. Then Stan Banks appeared on the scene, having pieced things together himself, and coerced the couple into telling him the location of Tom Dempsey's secret safe. Frankie took Joe/Jerry's old gun from the drawer and followed Stan to the Penny Baker Club, then tried to hold him up for the necklace he had just recovered. The two men struggled, the gun went off, and Stan died.

Frankie realizes the jig is up when Beckett and Castle return to the Maddoxes' and call them by their real names. He goes for the gun again, but Beckett is too quick for him, and Frankie is arrested and taken away.