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Francisco Pilar
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Francisco Pilar on the board
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Occupation Dog trainer
Character Information
Appearances An Embarrassment of Bitches
Portrayed by Ed Francis Martin

Francisco Pilar was a renowned judge and trainer of dogs who was sent on his way into the next world before "An Embarrassment of Bitches".

His death was originally attributed by Beckett and Castle to the high-strung world of "walkies", especially since, as a judge, he had a tendency to award ribbons to longs-hots, which is not generally a popular trait with bookmakers and their underworld connections. But then, a supernova bomb burst onto the scene in the bombshell form of Kay Cappuccio, a reality TV star whose line in perfume seemed to be the only one that wasn't written for her.

Kay had been looking for Mr. Pilar to employ his talents with man's best friend on woman's best friend, a seemingly carnivorous, low-Earth-orbit-strung chihuahua inappropriately designated "Lolita" (incidentally, Pilar's own best, and apparently only, friend was Royal, his canine companion).

Working their way through the usual smorgasbord of side dishes, including a government agent masquerading as a dog pound security guard and an unremitting flow of paparazzi, Castle and Beckett, finally narrowed the cause of Pilar's death down to his work for the government training sniffer dogs. From there, it was on the most casual toss and fetch to Reggie Starr, Kay's arm candy, who, it developed, had links to Argentinian drug dealers.

Reggie realized his relationship with Kay was about to be put to sleep, and desperately needed another source of income, so the favor for his drug lord friends, which was originally a spying mission, decayed into murder.