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Fred Cana
Fred Cana provoking Esposito
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Character Information
Appearances Den of Thieves
Portrayed by Bruno Amato

Fred Cana is the final layer of insulation between crime boss Victor Racine and the ledger containing a true record of his activities.

Fred is the owner of the safety deposit box robbed by Paul Finch and an ally, and when Beckett invites him down to the precinct, he claims the contents were a stamp collection.

Esposito, who tried for years to link Cana to the disappearance of his old partner, Ike Thornton, knows better, and crashes the meeting, looking to beat answers out of the carefully-spoken criminal.

Racine trusts Cana immensely, as is shown by the fact the ledger, the true record of his activities, was in Cana's keeping, and the subordinate presumably moves heaven an earth to try to beat the cops to the vital evidence.

When Racine is arrested at the end of the episode, it seems fair to assume Cana will soon be joining him.