Vital Statistics
Title CIA Agent
Gender Male
Status Alive
Character Information
Appearances "Fool Me Once…"
Portrayed by Chet Grissom

Agent Gray, is a character portrayed by Chet Grissom in the ABC crime series Castle.

Agent Gray was a CIA agent who once advised Richard Castle on details for Storm Warning. Exactly how Gray and Castle met was never clarified, but Gray appears be as willing to talk to Castle as any of his old contacts, coming all the way down to the station simply to give Castle the information he needed, when Castle and Beckett were trying to establish if recently murdered con artist 'Steven Fletcher' was legitimately employed by the CIA, as he claimed to be. Although Gray told Castle and Beckett that officially he could not confirm or deny the identities or activities of CIA agents, unofficially he assured them that he had never heard of their victim.

Despite his unassuming appearance, and, physically, he is the antithesis of "a certain British secret agent", Gray demonstrated exceptional stealth skills, sneaking in and out of an office in the station without anyone seeing him enter or exit; he was literally there one minute and gone the next, in the time it took Beckett and Castle to briefly look at each other, as Castle handed Beckett a dollar in response to her earlier bet that Fletcher wasn't an agent. Castle described Gray as the scariest man he'd ever met, telling Beckett that Gray once killed a man with a melonballer, only for Gray to inform Beckett that it was actually an ice-cream scoop (and adding that the information was meant to be confidential).

Gray also enjoyed Castle's books, to the extent that he was able to arrange to receive a copy of Heat Wave before the book had even been officially released ("Fool Me Once…"). Gray was very clear on the point that his unprepossessing exterior was a vital element of his success and survival in his chosen field.


It was recently revealed in "Pandora" that Gray is actually only one of Castle's contacts in the CIA, with the other one being Agent Sophia Turner; given that she and Castle dated during their time together, he may have chosen to contact Gray because their relationship is less awkward.

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