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Greg McClintock
Wikia Castle - Greg McClintock
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation Nurse
Amy Porter (girlfriend)
Character Information
Appearances "Anatomy of a Murder"
Portrayed by Michael Cassidy

Greg McClintock is a character portrayed by Michael Cassidy in the ABC crime series Castle.

Greg is everything Castle wants in a nurse - except male. He materializes ten minutes into "Anatomy of a Murder", and proceeds to demonstrate the gravitational forces of what Ryan later labels the "Galaxy of Greg"; every young woman working in the hospital, with the apparent exception of Dr. Valerie Monroe, sees Greg as her "special friend", although from what Beckett and Castle can piece together, there's no sex involved. Greg is just very good at making ladies feel special, and even Kate gets caught up, for just a moment, in his radiant charm.

Greg's constant endeavors, however, have a very serious purpose - and a highly illegal one. His girlfriend, Amy Porter, is a prisoner upstate, but the hospital where he works is the nearest one with facilities to treat prisoners, due to safety requirements. Greg has his various lady friends do him little favors (e.g. prescribing a pain reliever for his mother, helping him speed the procedures for clearing out the morgue, etc.), the cumulative effect of which is only seen when a 25-year-old inmate, Amy, is rushed after having suffered an apparent stroke. Greg's plan kicks in and he breaks out his beloved, with the two of them going on the run.

Greg, however, is still a suspect in Dr. Monroe's murder, and the dynamic duo figure out by reading their letters that he and Amy might try to visit the "Burgeropolis" where they had their first date, and request the New Jersey state troopers to stake it out. Sure enough, Greg and Amy are caught, but it is clear that he was not involved in the murder - Greg is the very embodiment of "all for love, and the world well lost". Whilst there is no doubt he committed a serious crime, there is increasing uncertainty whether Amy did. When Castle becomes convinced, and persuades Beckett that this level of love deserves a shot at "happily ever after", Beckett pulls some strings and gets the Attorney General's office to look into Amy's case.

The AG's office says that if Amy's conviction is overturned, Greg's situation, as righting an injustice, will also be looked into. The last time we see the couple, they are tucking into a Burgeropolis takeout meal, courtesy of Castle, who had them hold the onions.