"And what was that, your last stand? That's just sad, Roy - I'm just gonna kill her anyway."
Hal Lockwood
Hal Lockwood
Vital Statistics
Title Hitman
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Cause of death Killed by Roy Montgomery
Character Information
Appearances "Knockdown"
Portrayed by Max Martini

Hal Lockwood was a professional hit man who worked for the man who ordered the murder of Johanna Beckett. He was captured by Kate Beckett and Richard Castle, but later escaped and is killed by Roy Montgomery, whom he had already fatally wounded.


First seen as the man who bumped into Kathy Moore in order to steal her keycard into a secure building, he then uses a sniper rifle, firing .338-caliber bullets, in order to kill John Raglan, the detective who had written off Johanna Beckett's murder as random gang violence when it was actually a murder-for-hire, after Raglan learns that he has lymphoma and is only expected to live six months and decides to come clean on Johanna Beckett's murder.

Lockwood was checked into a hotel suite in Midtown before he shot John Raglan. When Detectives Ryan and Esposito raid it, they discover his surveillance photos of Kate Beckett and street-custom anti-anxiety pills, which he had stolen from Jolene Granger in order to be an effective sniper.

Ambushing Ryan and Esposito near Jolene Anders' apartment, he then uses ice-cold water as a drowning technique in order to interrogate the two of them about what they know about himself and his employer. But they hold out long enough for Beckett to rescue them, while Castle manages to knock Lockwood out with three punches. Later, Beckett visits him in prison and says that she'll make weekly visits to him until he tells her who hired him to kill John Raglan. ("Knockdown")

A few months later, Hal Lockwood is first seen killing Gary McCallister after being released into the general population of his prison facility. While he's being arraigned, he dismisses Beckett's threats only minutes before he's extracted by men wearing stolen police uniforms and escape in a helicopter.

After ditching the helicopter in a small New Jersey airfield, Lockwood pays a visit to Roy Montgomery, threatening to kill his family if he doesn't set Kate up to be killed. Later, when he's lured out to the airfield, Montgomery manages to kill all four of his extraction squad before Lockwood puts two bullets in his chest. Taunting him about the futility of his last stand, Lockwood's caught off-guard when Montgomery empties both barrels of a derringer into his liver and dies instantly. ("Knockout")

Known Victims


  • Lockwood's actual name is unknown. It's mentioned that his credit history, which was only two years old, and lack of criminal record indicated his identity to be a cover.
  • He shoots John Raglan, and takes aim at Beckett, with an Mk. 14 Enhanced Battle Rifle.
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