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Lord Henry
Vital Statistics
AKA Lord Henry
Gender Male
Status Alive
Character Information
Appearances Punked
Portrayed by Jim Piddock

Henry, or Lord Henry as he prefers to be styled, is a 'street person' in possession of vital evidence in "Punked".

His Lordship crosses the paths of Ryan and Esposito whilst they are reconstructing the last hours of Daniel Goldstein.

Esposito is already in a neck brace from an earlier run-in with "D'Andre the Giant", and although Henry is a gentleman by his address if not his attire (which is the bloodstained costume in which Daniel died) at the beginning, with an impressively consistent aristocratic British accent, when the detectives push their authority, he pushes his cart into Esposito, presumably compounding his existing injuries.

Arrested by the duo, 'Lord Henry' proves to have been telling the truth in his claim to have found the outfit in a dumpster, and is never a serious suspect.