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Wikia Castle - Dr Holloway
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation Psychiatrist
Character Information
Appearances "Vampire Weekend"
"The Fifth Bullet"
"Room 147"
Portrayed by Phil LaMarr

Doctor Holloway is a psychiatrist who is occasionally called in to evaluate the mental state, and motivation, of killers and suspects that the team are investigating.

His deductions include determining the mental side-effects of Morlock's photosensitivity in "Vampire Weekend", as well as determining the type of amnesia afflicting 'Jay', the central figure of "The Fifth Bullet", and the circumstances that led to him losing his memory.

In "Room 147", Holloway was called to assess Anita Miller, who had confessed to the murder of Justin Markett when she had a contradicting alibi, and told detectives that there was nothing wrong with her, but he will do a workup on her.

Later on he told Beckett, Ryan and Castle that he finds high levels of a drug, a propranol derivative, in the system of Anita but also in Sam Carson and Dwight Carruthers, who had similarly confessed to the murder. This drug, used in high doses would make the human brain highly suggestible, able to wipe away two weeks of the subjects' lives and possibly implant false memories that made them think they committed the murder.