Jacque Henri
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Cause of death Shot by Jackson Hunt
Character Information
Appearances "Hunt"
Portrayed by Christopher Heyerdahl

Jacque Henri is an expert French assassin, whom Richard Castle hired to help him rescue Alexis Castle, when she was kidnapped and brought to Paris.

He agreed to help Castle rescue Alexis and began aiding Richard Castle, and after getting information from an accomplice of his Le Taupe, who specializes in technical equipment, he proceeds to aid Richard Castle. 

Eventually finding the place where Alexis was being held, Henri discovers a surveillance bug and through it was able to strike a deal with the kidnappers to release Alexis.

He appeared to be for the most part loyal to his end of the bargain with Richard Castle, but in fact cut a deal with the man who captured Alexis, Gregory Volkov.

Just as Richard Castle and him arrive at the place where the kidnappers want to meet, he betrays Castle and reveals himself to be in league with Volkov, an ex-KGB agent he doesn't want to cross.

Henri then takes Castle's briefcase containing 3 million dollars while Volkov's men prepared to execute the writer. However, Henri and Volkov's men are killed by a man using the alias Jackson Hunt (later known as Castle's Dad) before they could kill Castle. Jackson considers Henri good, but not good enough for his chosen profession.

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