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Jamie Isaacson
Wikia Castle - Jamie Isaacson
Jamie Isaacson has uninvited guests
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive
Character Information
Appearances "Once Upon a Crime"
Portrayed by June Squibb

Jamie Isaacson is an elderly collector of porcelain dolls who turns out, halfway through "Once Upon a Crime", to be a false trail of breadcrumbs designed to lead our heroes on a wild goose chase.

Her electronic identity was stolen by the fairytale killer, who used the largely-housebound Mrs. Isaacson as a front for receiving the costumes in which she arrayed her victims. Due to the androgynous nature of the name, and considerable circumstantial indication that "he" might be the killer, Ryan and Esposito storm into Mrs. Isaacson apartment hard and heavy, and with an armed police response unit - a rather embarrassing degree of overkill when the facts become known.