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Janice Freeman
7 Janice Freeman
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Status Incarcerated
Parents Alan Freeman (husband)
Children Matthew Freeman (step-son)
Rosie Freeman
Character Information
Appearances "Vampire Weekend"
Portrayed by Anita Barone

Janice Freeman was Alan Freeman's second wife, and step-mother to Matthew and Rosie. Originally the family nanny, she stepped in when they were in turmoil over the disappearance of Alan's (first) wife, Elizabeth Dryden McGinty, to the extent that they took her maiden name of Freeman after the marriage to escape the taint of Elizabeth's disappearance.

Janice continued to hold her family together through Matthew's defection when he went off to become Crow, and is upset, yet unsurprised, when he turns up dead.

Tragically, this was a far darker tale than it first seemed; Elizabeth was just the beginning, the first victim, whom Janice shot simply to usurp her place in the family. Matthew, then a toddler, was a witness, and although trauma suppressed the memory, it bubbled up from his subconscious through his art.

In the end, Janice realized that Matthew was putting the pieces together and would eventually tell his father, and this she could not allow. Janice took a stake and stalked Matthew to the cemetery, where he was visiting his mother's memorial, and killed him. She knew Alan would believe that his son's new "weirdo" friends were responsible. Janice also murdered Matthew's friend Daemon, whom she shot with the same gun that killed Elizabeth.

However, her role in the crime was exposed thanks to Morlock, a former friend of Matthew who witnessed Janice kill him; although Morlock was mentally unbalanced, his insane ramblings and reaction to her presence provided enough evidence to shock Janice into confessing.

Known Victims[]