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Jason Penn
Jason Penn
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation Mangaer of Spy Ventures
Spouse(s) Liz Penn (wife)
Character Information
Appearances A Deadly Game
Portrayed by Rick Worthy

Jason Penn is the manager, perhaps the owner, of Spy Ventures, a company offering highly elaborate and detailed role-playing vacations in the world of (seeming) international intrigue.

As "A Deadly Game" begins, Beckett and her team have stumbled across one of his scenarios, although one that took an unexpected twist, since Roger Farraday ended up with five live rounds in his corpse.

His killer, however, dug out the slugs, and such is Spy Ventures' meticulous attention to detail that for some time Castle is able to semi-reasonably assert that the victim was a genuine spy, a real-life James Bond. When they finally 'persuade' Hans Brauer to 'break the fourth wall', largely due to making it clear that he is genuinely incarcerated, the name of the company comes up very quickly.

Jason and his wife Liz run their operation to a very high standard of authenticity but also with every conceivable safeguard, so there is no way any Spy Venture-issued weapon ventilated Mr. Farraday. In fact, the company provide the clue that breaks the case, since they have records of Mr. Farraday paying for two packages - his own and that of another player. The second party turns out to be Andrea Fisher, who had claimed she barely knew him.

The two were, however, apparently saying goodbye to a long-running affair with this one last fling together. It wasn't soon enough, though, for Andrea's husband, who under cover of darkness and spycraft made absolutely sure it was over - five times.