Jenna McBoyd
Jenna McBoyd
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Occupation Fashion Model
Spouse(s) Travis McBoyd
Character Information
Appearances Inventing the Girl
Portrayed by No Identity Available

Jenna McBoyd was an aspiring young model in New York, employed by fashion figure Teddy Farrow.

Married to Travis McBoyd, the two had left their small-town life and moved to New York so that Jenna could fulfill her dream of modeling. Finding employment with Terry Farrow, Jenna went on to make a significant impression on Terry, to the extent that he planned to announce her as the new face of his next campaign.

Unfortunately, her chances were jeopardized when photographer Wyatt Monroe took bad photos of her, subtly threatening her that he would continue to produce poor photos of her, thus jeopardizing her chances of getting the contract, unless she had sex with him.

Despite the advice of her ‘friend’ Sierra- who had secretly been slipping the anti-drugs Jenna amphetamines to help her own career- to go along with the offer, Jenna attempted to get out of it by purchasing a new phone with a recording function, intending to record Wyatt propositioning her for sex so that she could blackmail him.

Unfortunately, Jenna’s plan went wrong on multiple levels; not only did Wyatt see through her poor attempt to prompt him into incriminating himself on the recording, but when she fled his apartment, accidentally taking a photography award of his with her in her panic, she ran into Travis on the way out, her husband having followed her to find out what she was doing. Momentarily overwhelmed by his anger at the thought that she might be cheating on him, Travis stabbed her with Wyatt’s photography award.

During the subsequent investigation, the team discovered the truth about Jenna's last days after the discovery of her phone, Jenna having left the 'Record' function on after leaving Wyatt’s apartment and thus recording the first few moments of her confrontation with Travis. Beckett bluffed Travis into confessing by claiming that they had the entire murder on the phone when they really only had Travis revealing his presence.

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