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Kelly Nieman
Kelly Nieman.jpg
Dr. Nieman's courteous predisposition to Beckett
Vital Statistics
Full Name Kelly Nieman
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Criminal Status Abductor
Attempted Murderer
Cause of death Stabbed to death with a scalpel by Kate Beckett
Occupation Cosmetic surgeon
Former prison doctor
Jerry Tyson † (boyfriend)
Character Information
Appearances Disciple
Portrayed by Annie Wersching

Dr. Kelly Nieman is an esteemed cosmetic surgeon and the girlfriend of serial killer Jerry Tyson, aka "3XK", being a nemesis in her own right of the NYPD.

Nieman always had psychopathic tendencies she hated herself for, and being a prison doctor with hybristophilia, she fed her exposures to be evil by projecting onto the inmates. Tyson wooed Nieman when they first met, first into a relationship, then into a mutual conspiracy to evade suspicion for his killings, as Tyson willingly got caught on a drug charge to buy time for a new plan.

While Tyson was on the run, having faked his death, Nieman provided finances, a hideout, and minor plastic surgery, as she officially reached the rank of an esteemed cosmetic surgeon by the time she was first met, not keeping her enterprise stagnant to location. While Carl Matthews was Tyson's proxy in two lookalike murders to haunt the team consisting of Richard Castle and his friends, the opportunity opened up for the couple to steal all 3XK evidence so Tyson would stay anonymous.

Nieman developed a fixation with Kate Beckett due to her natural beauty, giving her card to the detective and saying she'd love to work with her, cherishing perfection and hoping to do so in Beckett's looks. After Matthews is apprehended and confesses, the team sifts through Tyson's public records and finds out Nieman was the doctor who treated his injuries after a prison fight.

Storming Nieman's previously bustling office, they find it's been cleared save for a paper note on her empty desk saying "Better luck next time" and a pen with a USB drive that plays We'll Meet Again by Vera Lynn. This confirms to Castle and Beckett that Tyson is alive and working with Nieman to commit more crimes. ("Disciple")

When Susan Watts is found strangled in an alley, Beckett goes to the hospital she had an appointment last and realizes Nieman works there and was Watts' cosmetic surgeon. Meeting Beckett again, Nieman warmly welcomes her and claims her business had better venues where she picked up shop and moved to, offering Beckett a gift bag before she left.

Seeing another patient, Amy Barrett, to be a picture perfect match to Watts, and finding Tyson again under the alias of truck driver and client "Mike Boudreaux", everyone fears Nieman is finding women resembling Tyson's mother for the sake of killing lookalikes of her.

The couple puts on an extremely convincing act that makes them legally untouchable, and Barrett refuses to listen to Beckett's pleas of warning. But when Barrett calls and begs for Beckett to come to her rescue, saying she's "in danger", she instead blitzes Beckett by drugging and wheeling her off in a wheelchair on a public street, calling Nieman to tell her, "It's done". Nieman and Tyson then walk out of the precinct scot-free. ("Resurrection")

While misdirecting the NYPD and briefly scaring them with rigging a shotgun to a prostitute who looks similar to Beckett, Nieman holds Beckett hostage in a makeshift lab, gagged and restrained to a medical table. Going into her backstory of herself and Tyson, and refusing to answer to Beckett talking her down once she's briefly un-gagged, Nieman scans Beckett's figure and reveals she intends to transplant their faces to conceal her identity and take on Beckett's beauty.

Castle and Javier Esposito find the cabin Tyson and Barrett are at, and although Barrett's locked in the car trunk in a citizen's arrest, Tyson holds Castle hostage. In the meantime, Beckett discreetly loosens her restraints for when she's ready to fight back against Nieman to save herself.

Tyson's shot by Esposito when he realizes too late they set a trap to his trap, though his silence is enough for Nieman to become suspicious. Rather than escape when she has the chance, Nieman can't resist taking Beckett's face with her. However, Beckett intercepts the scalpel and is able to best Nieman in a violent, adrenal scuffle, with herself coming out as the victor when she slashes the deranged surgeon to death. Beckett is shown standing over Nieman's bloody corpse and still gripping the weapon by the time Castle and the responding officers reach her. ("Reckoning")


  • Nieman has black belts in taekwondo and jujitsu. ("Disciple")