Kill the Messenger
Season 2, Episode 8
Kill the Messenger
Air date November 9, 2009
Written by Terence Paul Winter
Directed by Jonathan Frakes
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Season 2
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Kill the Messenger is the eighth episode of the second season of Castle.


The investigation into the death of Caleb Shimansky, a bike messenger, takes a personal turn for Beckett and her colleagues when they discover that the victim was carrying evidence that could exonerate Brady Thompson, a man jailed years before by Captain Roy Montgomery for the murder of Olivia Debiasse. Things get even more interesting when they discover that a wealthy candidate for the U.S. Senate from a prominent New York family may have been involved as well.



Castle 2x08 Kill the Messenger Promo

Castle 2x08 Kill the Messenger Promo


Main Cast

Guest Stars


Castle: Off the top of my head I'm gonna go with nuclear launch codes... Dick Cheney's soul on its way to the devil.
Montgomery: All good theories Castle, all good theories.
Beckett: Uh, sir? Are you okay?
Jeff Dilahunt: Are you two together?
Castle: Not yet.
Beckett: Absolutely not.
Captain Montgomery: Never let the job get in the way of the job.

Featured Music

  • "On Fire" - Locksley
  • "Coming Fast, Coming Hard (C'mon Y'all) " - Salme Dahlstrom


  • Martha signing up for social network site called 'MyFace' which result in her come in contact with her old high school sweetheart named Chet Palaburn. ironically, it's pronounced "Myspace", since Castle and Alexis had been trying to correct her.
  • When Jeff Dilahunt asked if Castle and Beckett are together, Castle said not yet but Beckett said absolutely, although they did in season 4 and season 5.