Kyra Blaine
Kyra Blaine
Vital Statistics
Full Name Kyra Blaine-Murphy
Gender Female
Status Alive
Spouse(s) Greg Murphy (husband)
Richard Castle (ex-boyfriend)
Parents Sheila Blaine (mother)
Character Information
Appearances "A Rose for Everafter"
Portrayed by "Alyssa Milano"

Kyra Blaine is a former girlfriend of Richard Castle who he reconnects with in "A Rose for Everafter". She is portrayed by Alyssa Milano.


Kyra and Castle

A photo of Blaine and Castle in college

Blaine and Castle dated for three years in college, but the relationship ended because Kyra's father did not think that Castle would be capable of supporting his daughter. Kyra's mother has always hated Castle, claiming that her objection with him was that he lacks character, not money.

Rather than break up with him, Kyra simply told Castle that she needed time to think things over before proceeding, but then never spoke to him again.

She is now married to Greg Murphy, although their wedding was interrupted when one of the bridesmaids was found murdered. While both Kyra and her husband-to-be were initially suspects, it was later revealed that the killer was Greg's uncle Teddy. He was attempting to sabotage the wedding to hide the fact that he was embezzling money from Greg's trust fund.

Part of the plot had involved the dead bridesmaid throwing herself at Greg, an old flame. Castle initially believes that Greg slept with the victim. His suspicions are partly driven by jealousy over Kyra, with Kyra's own doubts and concerns about the nature of the wedding prompting her to meet Castle for a rendezvous on their old rooftop.

Later, Castle and Beckett establish that Greg had refused Sophie out of loyalty to Kyra. Castle reassures Kyra that her fiance is a good man, and the two get the closure on their relationship that their first parting had lacked.

Kyra tells Beckett that, "over-active imagination or not", Castle only dedicates his books to people he really cares for. Beckett also notices- and comments on- Blaine's emotional depth compared to Meredith and Gina, Castle's two previous wives, prompting Beckett to inform Castle that she "didn't think [he] went for real."

So while Kyra provokes Beckett's jealousy, she's also a window into a very different side of Castle's romantic life. When Kyra tosses her bouqet at the wedding, she seemingly deliberately threw it in Beckett's direction.

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