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Lester Hamilton
Lester Hamilton Castle4x03
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Spouse(s) Cynthia Hamilton (wife, deceased)
Character Information
Appearances Head Case
Portrayed by Unidentified actor

Doctor Lester Hamilton was a doctor who had a great deal of interest in operations that would extend the human life-span.

Hamilton and his wife had both arranged for their bodies to be cryogenically preserved after their deaths so that they could have a chance at life later on, Hamilton feeling that they had married too late in life and one lifetime would not be enough for the love they could share.

Continuing his interest in extending life, one of his major projects when alive was the Ambrosia Project, intended to increase the average human life span, Hamilton having a great deal of success in his early work even if he was still several years away from achieving any kind of breakthrough.

When Hamilton learned that he was suffering from an inoperable brain tumor, instead of going to the hospital, knowing the limits of conventional medicine, he turned to his friend and colleague, Dr. Philip Boyd, for help, hoping that his experiments with targeted treatment of tumours might be able cure him.

The two scientists had to perform the treatment under the radar, for discovery would mean the end of their careers. Unable to use existing operating suites, they rented a run-down motel room and used the money from Beau Randolph's grant to purchase the equipment for the treatments. Unfortunately, Boyd's efforts were for naught, as the tumor's growth was still progressing.

Hamilton later made arrangements to cancel his earlier wishes to be frozen, wanting to spend as much time possible focusing on his work on the Ambrosia Project before his death; the damage that his brain would suffer as the tumor progressed would make it impossible to revive him if he was frozen.

When she learned about this, his wife arranged for him to be killed and his cryonic resignation form to be destroyed, defending her actions by arguing that his tumor was affecting his thinking.

Although the team’s attempts to investigate suffered various setbacks, as the company retrieved his body immediately after death and initially refused to release it, they were eventually able to analyse the head via MRIs, learning about Hamilton’s tumor and eventually tracing the death back to his wife.