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Lina El-Masri
Lina El-Masri
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive
Spouse(s) Anwar El-Masri
Children Sara El-Masri
Other family Unnamed (sister)
Unnamed (brother-in-law)
Character Information
Appearances "Target"
Portrayed by Katherine Kamhi

Lina El-Masri is the mother of Sara El-Masri and wife of Anwar El-Masri.

Lina, along with her husband Anwar, are a wealthy family from Egypt. After her daughter Sara was kidnapped along with Alexis Castle, Lina and Anwar were interviewed by the authorities about why someone would want to take Sara, thinking she was the target (when it was really Alexis and Sara was collateral damage). As a result of the kidnapping, Lina and her husband did their best to help the authorities locate Alexis and Sara's abductors, and waited eagerly for the release of the two girls.

It was later revealed that the girls were taken to Paris. Eventually, Sara was released from the kidnapers once Lina and Anwar paid the ransom, as they didn't need her anymore. However, Lina and Anwar continued to help the authorities try to locate Alexis, until she was eventually rescued by Richard Castle.