This is a list of Castle wikis in other languages and also English related Castle wikis.

Castle in other related English wikis (other than this one)

Link Name Note Wikia
Castle Wiki This wiki is directly about Castle & Beckett relationship Dormant 11
Castle Fan Fiction Wiki This wiki is for Fan Fiction regard TV series Castle Partly active 3
Castle Wiki


This wiki seem to be created for Canadian & those
outside USA for Castle's fans can't wait created.
light active [2] 12
Caskett Wiki This wiki created for best couples Castle & Beckett by KateCBwiki Dormant 7
Esplanie Wiki This wiki is about Javier Esposito and Lanie Parish New 30
KevJen Wiki This wiki is about Kevin and Jenny Ryan New 14

Castle in Other Languages

Language Code Link Wikia
German de Das Castle-Wiki Active 294 (on going)
French fr Wiki Castle Active 153 (on going)
Spanish es Castle Wiki Active 190 (on going)
Italian it Castle Wiki New [3] 4

Castle Wikis That Needed Contributors

English sites

Castle Wikis Needed of Adoption


  1. In need of good editors that want to contributor
  2. now has template to help
  3. Started October 2013

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