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Little Girl Lost
Season 1, Episode 9
Castlelittle girl lost
Air date May 4, 2009
Written by Elizabeth Davis
Directed by John Terlesky
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A Death in the Family
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Season 1
March 9, 2009 -May 11, 2009
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Little Girl Lost is the ninth episode of the first season of Castle.


The disappearance of a young child has the team scrambling for answers, when additional help arrives in the form of FBI agent Will Sorenson who, among other things, is an ex-boyfriend of Beckett's. As Castle butts in on the investigation despite instructions to stay out, friction is inevitable (particularly since the case that originally brought Beckett and Sorenson together ended with the death of the victim).


The episode opens with Castle bringing Beckett coffee and a bear claw. They exchange barbs, which ends in Castle making a dirty joke that is cut off by Beckett shoving the donut in his mouth. Castle then explains that Captain Montgomery told him to get to the scene right away, to which he excitedly adds that it "must be gruesome". Beckett chastises him for his excitement and the two argue about the cover art for the new Nikki Heat novel. Castle realizes that in order to have seen the cover art, Beckett must be subscribed to his website and tries to figure out which of his "obsessive fans” she is as the two head up to the crime scene. Upon their arrival, they meet with Captain Montgomery, who fills them in on the details. They are told that it is not their usual murder scene, but an abduction. Two-year-old Angela Candela was kidnapped from her own home early in the morning while her parents were home, but in different rooms. Beckett asks why she has been given the case if it isn't a homicide. Captain Montgomery informs her that she was requested for the task force specifically by the FBI. Castle has been invited along because he thinks outside the box (and Montgomery enjoys annoying the feds). Beckett asks who the special agent in charge is and is informed that it is Will Sorenson, who has recently returned to New York from Boston. Castle attempts to figure out the connection between Sorenson and Beckett to no avail.

Sorenson fills Castle and Beckett in on the details of the case. They are told that Alfred Candela, Angela's father, got up with her at seven thirty that morning to allow his wife, Theresa, to sleep in. He set Angela up in front of the television with a juice box and some cereal and then went into his studio in the other room to paint. Castle asks if the father at least heard anything and is informed that he didn't because he was listening to his iPod at the time. Castle expresses his disappointment. They speak with the parents and are informed that the home intruder who kidnapped Angela jimmied open a window lock from the outside. Beckett asks why their windows don't have bars, as they live on the ground floor of their building facing an alleyway. His wife tells her that they were going to install them, but hadn't gotten around to it yet. Sorenson explains that he thinks the kidnapper absconded with Angela through the back door and informs Beckett that an Amber alert has been put out for Angela. Sorenson has one of his techs tap the Candelas' phone lines in the event of a ransom call and tells Beckett that "this one will end better", piquing Castle's curiosity.

Back at the precinct, Beckett preempts Castle's inevitable stream of questions by telling him that she and Sorenson dated for six months. Castle asks how they met, and Beckett tells him that they worked a kidnapping case together. When asked how the case ended, Beckett simply explains that they got the guy. They meet up with Ryan, who fills them in on the parents' background and informs them that Angela was adopted by the pair when she was just an infant after Castle, Esposito, and Beckett make fun of the tie his girlfriend got him for their two week anniversary. Ryan also tells them that Alfred is a stay-at-home dad. Beckett provides them with a list of people they know had access to the Candela's apartment and asks that they cross reference the list with registered sex offenders in the area, as she thinks that this may be a case of a "creepy-crawly" scouting from the inside to learn the family's routine and snatch Angela when they knew that her parents would be preoccupied. The phone rings and Beckett answers it. It turns out that it wasn't a creepy-crawler after all, as the Candelas have received a ransom call.

Castle and Beckett return to the Candela's apartment to listen to a recording of the call. The kidnappers demand $750,000 within 24 hours. Sorenson explains that the caller used an internet VOIP (voice-over-I.P.) service which rendered the call untraceable. He asks if Theresa and Alfred can raise the money. They reply that it would be everything they have, but if it means getting their daughter back, they are willing to pay, and mention that Theresa's sister Nina, a CPA, can help them get the money together. Alfred asks how they can be sure that they will get Angela back if they hand over the money. Sorenson tells them to have hope and be strong.

Castle and Sorenson chat. Castle asks if he works kidnappings a lot, as he seems to know what to say. Sorenson tells him that it's not about knowing what to say, rather knowing how to control the situation and the emotions involved. Castle remarks that he asked for his ex-girlfriend to be assigned to the task force and says that he doesn't think that indicates that Sorenson is in control of his emotions. Sorenson replies that he requested Beckett because he believes her to be the best cop in the city. Castle continues to prod and Sorenson turns it around on him, asking why a man who has written so many best-selling detective novels suddenly feels the need to shadow a real detective. Castle deflects with humor, remarking that TV detectives all seem a little too fixated on their sunglasses. Sorenson asks why he ended up shadowing Beckett instead of one of the many "fat, balding" detectives in the city. Castle replies that it must be fate. Beckett interrupts, informing the two men that the Candelas have pulled their financials and Theresa's sister is on her way and asks if there is anything to glean from the transcripts of the ransom call. Sorenson informs her that the ransom demand has significance as the kidnappers make an issue about knowing what the Candelas have, and that whoever made the demand knows them well enough to know exactly what they're worth.

They sit down with Theresa and her sister Nina who inform them that they should be able to get the money together by the next day if they sell all the family's stocks and liquidate their pension accounts. Castle notices that Alfred is painting and Theresa explains that he paints when he's stressed. Castle asks if he sells many paintings and Theresa replies that he sells "some". Nina, her sister, says that "some" is generous. Theresa asks why Castle was interested in how many paintings Alfred sells, and he explains that he doesn't know many artists with their own pension account. Nina tells them that Theresa set up the account for him so that he and Angela would have something in the event something happened to Theresa. Castle is about to ask Theresa further questions but is interrupted by Sorenson explaining that he thinks the specific nature of the ransom demand suggests that the kidnappers are familiar with their finances. Beckett asks if there is anyone that may have a grudge against her or her husband, or if they know of anyone close to them who would need the money. Theresa tells them that no one they know would do something like kidnap their daughter, but Alfred suggests a man named Doug Ellers, who used to work for Theresa. She explains that she fired Ellers because his firm was not performing, and Ellers subsequently blamed her for his divorce... and the fact that his wife took custody of their two children.

Beckett has Ellers brought in for questioning and explains that they also searched his apartment but found no trace of Angela. Sorenson and Beckett go to interrogate him. Castle tries to follow, but Sorenson refuses to allow him to sit in on the interview. Beckett protests, but Castle doesn't fight the decision and goes to the observation room to watch with Ryan and Esposito instead. Beckett and Sorenson ask Ellers when he last had contact with Theresa Candela, and Ellers reacts with confusion, asking what Theresa told them about him. Sorenson plays him a voicemail in which he threatens Theresa, which he left on the Candelas' answering machine three months ago. Ellers asks if Theresa is pressing charges and Sorenson lays into him about the kidnapping, insinuating that he kidnapped Angela as revenge for his ex-wife taking his children away from him. Ellers is alarmed to learn about the kidnapping and adamantly denies any involvement, saying he may not like Theresa but he would never hurt a child. Beckett doesn't believe him, citing that his ex claimed in their divorce papers that there were allegations of violence. Ellers tells her that his ex-wife was simply looking for a payday and that they have the wrong guy.

They leave the interrogation room and Sorenson tells Ryan and Esposito to run Ellers' alibi and figure out where he was all morning, and to find any witnesses who can vouch for him. Castle replies that it seems pretty clear to him that Ellers is not responsible because if he was, he would be downplaying how much he hates Theresa rather than being open about it. Sorenson tells him that writing a couple dozen best-sellers doesn't make him a criminologist, and Castle snaps back that he also doesn't need a weatherman to tell him the sky is blue. Beckett expresses her irritation with the pair of them and their infighting. She says that they're both right, that Ellers is probably not responsible, but they also need to run down every lead because Angela's life is at stake and they need to be absolutely certain that Ellers is not involved. She tells Ryan and Esposito to keep Ellers in custody until they know precisely where he was that morning and that she and Sorenson are going back to the Candelas to profile all of their associates. Castle asks what he should do and Beckett tells him to go home. Castle acquiesces but tells Beckett to call him if she needs anything, even if it's just to talk.

Back at the Castle residence, Rick walks in on Martha with one of her life coaching clients, Todd, in "her" office. The meeting is quickly wrapped up and Rick expresses his irritation that Martha is fabricating stories about him and commandeering his office for her "new age coddle sessions", and asks how it is that she is giving life coaching advice when she doesn't know who his father is or how her ex-husband stole all her money. Martha gives him one of her "Martha-isms", telling him that mistakes are the building blocks of wisdom and that Freud being an addict didn't stop him from helping people. Rick concedes that she has a point as the two of them share a drink and Martha asks why he is home so early. Castle explains the details of the case and Martha acknowledges that it makes sense as to why he is in a bad mood. Rick asks if Alexis is home, to which Martha replies that she is. Rick explains that he feels like he needs a hug from her and Martha replies that it makes sense because of "the pea-pod bond", another one of her "Martha-isms". She explains that she means the bond between parent and child, that they're peas in a pod, and that anyone who has ever had a child is also in the pod forever. This causes Rick to have a breakthrough and he calls Alexis and gets his hug before leaving again.

The scene cuts to Sorenson and Beckett back at the Candela home. Beckett explains over a cup of coffee that Ryan and Esposito got back to her and Ellers is a dead end, as a diner owner has vouched that he was in the diner eating his usual poached eggs that morning. Sorenson remarks that Ellers would have been too easy -- or over easy. Beckett laughs at the terrible joke, telling him that it's like something Castle would say. Sorenson asks if she likes him, and Beckett replies that she doesn't, she just thinks that he is interesting. Sorenson asks if the two of them are together, and Beckett tells him they are not. He explains that he meant to call her in the time he was in Boston. Beckett replies that she knows that he meant to do a lot of things, which was why he left. She tells him that while she knows his job in Boston was a great opportunity, she is hurt that he made a choice that did not include her. Sorenson tells her that she could have come with him, but she tells him that she wouldn't have liked the sort of life where they would have to move around frequently because of his career. Sorenson tells her that he missed her and the times they shared, and the two share a kiss, but are interrupted by Castle's arrival.

Castle explains why he came back after Beckett told him to go home. He tells them that Angela was adopted, which means that prior to that, her birth mother would have been given a background on the Candelas, specifically their ability to support a child. Beckett clues in that this would mean the birth mother would have knowledge of their finances. Sorenson asks if they're really going to waste time on the insights of "Nancy Drew". Castle remarks that calling him Nancy Drew is a poor insult because Nancy Drew solved every case she worked on. He insists that the birth mother is worth looking into and quotes what Beckett said earlier about needing to run down every possible lead when a child's life is at stake. Beckett agrees and, back at the precinct, they bring in Angela's birth mother for questioning.

Angela's birth mother, Lucia Gomez, explains that she doesn't regret her decision to give Angela up for adoption, as she was sixteen at the time and in no position to raise a child. Sorenson asks her why she tried to find Angela if she had no regrets. Lucia reacts with confusion, and Beckett presents her with a signed petition she supposedly filed with the adoption agency to find the identity of Angela's adoptive parents. Lucia explains that the signature on the form is a forgery and presents her driver's license as proof. Beckett asks if anyone in her family objected to her giving up the baby, and Lucia tells her that no one did, and that her mother even helped her with the process. Sorenson asks about the father and Lucia tells him that the father, a man named Juan Restrepo, was in Iraq when Angela was born but they had talked about it and he seemed fine with the decision to put their daughter up for adoption. When asked if Juan is still in Iraq, Lucia tells them that he had returned to the US a few months prior.

Beckett and Sorenson track down Juan at his place of work. When they make themselves known, Juan takes off running but is caught by the team and questioned at the scene. Beckett asks him why he ran, to which he replies that in his neighborhood that’s just what you do when you see a cop. Meanwhile, Castle goes back to bothering Sorenson while he and Ryan search Juan’s car, asking him why he’s not also questioning Juan. Sorenson explains that an ex-military man like Restrepo would likely just turn it into a “pissing match”, but Beckett has a way of “sneaking up on people” and is more likely to be able to get Juan to talk to her if she interrogates him alone. Castle and Sorenson continue to trade barbs, with Sorenson insinuating that Castle is jealous that he kissed Beckett, and Castle saying that he isn’t because while Sorenson hooked Beckett, he couldn’t reel her in. Sorenson tells him that they’ll see about that.

Back with Beckett and Juan, Juan explains that he was deployed six months into Lucia’s pregnancy and expresses regret that he never got to see his daughter before she was put up for adoption. He tells Beckett that he just needed to know that Angela was okay, so he filled out the petition form from the adoption agency and put Lucia’s name instead of his own. He got an address because the person who looked over his petition felt bad for him, as he was also in the war and suffered an injury, losing an arm. Beckett asks what Juan lost. Juan explains that he was injured in an IED explosion and will never be able to have children of his own other than Angela and that he just wanted to see his daughter. Beckett asks if he has anything to do with the kidnapping and Juan reacts with shock and alarm, telling her he has nothing to do with it and reiterates that all he ever wanted was to make sure Angela was okay.

Back at the precinct, Esposito tells Beckett, Sorenson, and Castle that Juan’s alibi checks out, as a limo company had him detailing their fleet of cars during the time of the kidnapping. Sorenson still believes that Juan looks good for the crime, as he had motive and opportunity. Castle scoffs, saying that Juan’s motive was fatherhood and that if he had taken Angela, he would have been with her and not at work. Sorenson says that it doesn’t matter and he wants emergency services dispatched to Juan’s place. Beckett snaps that it’s clearly not Juan, and they are back at square one with nothing to go on. She tells Sorenson that he can send ESU wherever he wants, but that she is going to keep looking for more leads because she doesn’t want to lose this one and storms off. Castle asks Sorenson what she means, and Sorenson reveals that while they caught the perpetrator in the case he and Beckett worked together, the victim died. A call comes in that the Candelas received another call about the ransom and the group returns to the family’s home.

At the Candelas’ apartment, one of Sorenson’s techs explains that the kidnappers were extremely detailed in their demands from how the bills should be laid out to the make, model, and colour of the backpack the money is to be in, and they are to wait for the kidnappers to call again with information about where to make the ransom drop. Alfred asks why the kidnappers wouldn’t have just given them information about the drop when they called this time, and Sorenson explains that the kidnappers are testing them. He says that they will test the kidnappers as well and demand proof that Angela is still okay before they agree to make the drop. Alfred asks what happens if they refuse and he and Theresa fight, with Theresa saying she should have gotten up with Angela rather than let her distracted husband “watch” their child before hurling a vase at the painting he has been working on and storming off. Beckett follows her to try and comfort her, telling her not to give in to her fear. Shortly after, the kidnappers call back with details of the ransom drop. The kidnappers assert that a civilian must make the drop, not a cop or an FBI agent, and any failure to follow their instructions will result in Angela’s death. Beckett reminds Theresa to push for proof of life and the kidnappers comply, putting Angela on the phone to the relief of those assembled before telling them that they have one hour to follow their instructions.

Sorenson explains that he will make the drop, which worries Alfred because the kidnappers were clear that any sign of police presence will result in Angela’s death. Beckett and Sorenson try to assure him that everything will be fine, and the kidnappers will not know that Sorenson is an agent, but Alfred is adamant that he will make the drop, not Sorenson. Sorenson says that there is no way they can send him as his emotions are running too high. Castle volunteers to make the drop instead of Sorenson or Alfred. Sorenson refuses at first, but Castle insists, saying that he has already signed a waiver and, most importantly, they’re running out of time. Beckett agrees that he is their best choice and Sorenson relents. The Candelas watch home movies together as Beckett briefs Castle on what he is to do and tells him he has to remain alert and focused. She starts to explain what Castle saw the night before and he is quick to tell her that she doesn’t need to explain anything if she doesn’t want to. Beckett plays it off, saying that she wants to be clear for the sake of the Nikki Heat character, and Castle assures her that he knows “Nikki Heat” better than Beckett thinks he does. Beckett gives up and tells Castle to be careful. Castle asks her sarcastically if she’s actually genuinely concerned for his well-being and she replies that if he screws up the drop, she will kill him herself, which Castle says is much more like her.

Beckett and Sorenson watch from a car as Castle begins to follow the kidnappers’ instructions for the ransom drop. Sorenson asks if Castle knows how big a fan Beckett actually is of his books and Beckett tells him that Castle doesn’t know and never will. Meanwhile Castle reaches the first stage of the drop off and finds a cell phone taped to the underside of a mailbox with a text message that reads “We’re watching you”, and tells Beckett and Sorenson that they might want to tell Ryan and Esposito to hang back. Sorenson says that it could be a ruse, but the kidnappers send another message describing what coat Castle is wearing, proving that they are, in fact, watching him. He begins to follow the kidnappers’ instructions to the final drop-off point, a crowded building, with Ryan and Esposito following behind him. He is told to leave the bag at a shoeshine stand and exit the building through a side door. He approaches the stand and Beckett tells him to leave the bag and walk away, just as the kidnappers instructed. He does so while Ryan and Esposito look for anyone carrying the bag. They spot a man with an identical bag and tackle him but discover that the bag the man has is not the ransom bag after all and is only filled with newsprint. They spot another person with the same bag… and then another, and another, and then many more, making it impossible for them to know for sure who picked up the ransom drop.

The group returns to the Candelas’ apartment, where Beckett explains that the kidnappers posted an ad on Craigslist, claiming that the mob of people with identical bags was for a performance art piece on Youtube and that they sent out two dozen identical backpacks. Whoever made the post used an IP anonymizer, making it impossible to trace their IP address. Alfred asks what they do now, and Castle explains that he slipped the cell phone the kidnappers gave him into the backpack, and before he did that, he sent Beckett a text message with it so she would have the number. Beckett explains that the phone is tied to a bulk account, and while they can’t figure out the ID of the owner, they can trace its device ID. Sorenson says that they have a radius where the phone might be, but  will need a few hours to narrow down the phone’s location. In the meantime he has moved a team into the area so they will be ready to act once they have more information. Castle and Beckett chat in private. Castle blames himself for not seeing who took the bag from the shoeshine stand, but Beckett reassures him, telling that it wasn’t his job to watch the bag, only to drop it off. Castle says that he can’t imagine anything like this happening to Alexis and Beckett comforts him, telling him that they will find Angela soon. Sorenson interrupts, telling them that the kidnappers must have found the phone and taken the batteries out because they just lost the signal, leaving them no closer to actually finding Angela.

Castle returns home and stays up late into the night going over crime scene photos, looking for any clues they might have missed. Alexis finds him and Castle asks her why she’s up. Alexis tells him she’s stressed about her American Lit final and woke up after a nightmare about Hester Prynne. She asks why her father is up and he tells her he is looking for a white rabbit. Alexis asks what he means, and he explains that he means Angela’s stuffed animals, specifically a stuffed white rabbit that appears with her in many of the family photographs. Alexis remarks that Angela’s bed looks like hers did when she was little with all the animals on it. She asks if he remembers, to which he asks if she means her childhood stuffed animal Monkey Bunkey who has been “washed so many times he looks like roadkill”. Alexis claims she has no idea what he means, and he says that since she doesn’t know, she won’t mind if he throws Monkey Bunkey out next time he sees him. Alexis grabs his ear and makes him promise that he won’t. She asks him if he thinks Angela’s rabbit has something to do with the case and he tells her he will let her know.

Castle returns to the Candela home where Beckett is dozing in Angela’s room, searching for the white rabbit. Beckett wakes up and asks him what he’s doing, and he explains that when Alexis was little, she absolutely could not live without Monkey Bunkey, going on to say that one time she forgot to pack him on vacation so Castle bought her another one, but she knew it wasn’t the same monkey. Beckett asks why that matters and Castle explains that there are three pictures in the apartment of Angela with her white bunny, but the bunny itself is nowhere to be found. Beckett realizes that means whoever took Angela knew her well enough to know to take the bunny as well. Beckett reminds him that they already checked the Candelas’ list, and that there were only a few teenage babysitters and a cleaning lady. Castle says that not all babysitters are teenagers. Some of them are family. He asks Beckett when they lost the signal on the phone, and she seems to realize something as she tells him they lost the signal right after they told the Candelas they were tracking it, implying that one of them knows more than they are letting on. Beckett immediately suspects Theresa’s sister Nina and asks Sorenson for her address.

The group heads straight to Nina’s house and find her there, playing with Angela in a side yard, and arrest her for the kidnapping. Beckett picks up Angela, telling her that she is very happy to see her as Nina is led away in handcuffs. They take Angela back to the Candelas’ house to reunite her with her parents. Alfred is overjoyed, but Theresa barely reacts. Alfred is confused as Sorenson asks one of his agents to take Angela so that they can talk. It is revealed that Theresa orchestrated the kidnapping with her sister because she was frustrated and angry that she worked long hours, killing herself so that they could have a life while all Alfred did was paint. He says that that is not true, that he was taking care of Angela. Theresa snaps that all he did was plant her in front of the TV, telling Beckett that she often woke up to Angela screaming because Alfred was blasting music in his ears and ignoring her. Beckett says that doesn’t give her the right to kidnap her own child, but Theresa asserts that it wasn’t a kidnapping because Angela is her daughter. Beckett replies that she had her sister climb through a window and take her child, but Theresa is quick to say that she gave Nina permission to do it. Beckett says that doesn’t matter because she violated her husband’s custodial rights. Theresa scoffs, saying that Alfred didn’t even notice she was gone.

Alfred asks why she would put them through something so terrible rather than simply divorce him and Theresa explains that she didn’t want to give him the chance to sue her for alimony, take half of everything, and get custody of Angela because she works all day and would not be able to be there for her. She says she has seen what happens to men she works with who go through divorces and was not about to let Alfred take her daughter from her. Castle remarks that she was paying the ransom to herself, orchestrating it so that she would have all of their shared assets. Theresa explains that once Angela had been brought back, she would have filed for divorce, as there would be nothing left at that point for Alfred to take, and since Angela had been kidnapped while Alfred was looking after her, proving he was a negligent parent, she would get custody and he would get nothing. Alfred, heartbroken, asks how she could hate him enough to go to such lengths, and she replies that he made it easy.

Back at the precinct, Beckett is finishing up the paperwork for the case. Sorenson sits down next to her desk, asking her how she thinks Theresa will do in court. Beckett remarks that it depends how many sympathetic mothers are on her jury. Sorenson asks if Beckett is willing to give him another chance now that the case is over and he is back in New York. She asks him what happens when he leaves again, and he tells her to come with him. Beckett doesn’t answer, and Sorenson tells her to think about it before leaving. His seat is quickly filled by Castle, who remarks that Sorenson is a nice guy, but he can see how it wouldn’t work. Beckett prompts him to explain and he does so, saying that it wouldn’t work out because Sorenson is too much like Beckett, and “yin needs yang, not another yin. Yin-yang is harmony, while Yin-Yin is a name for a panda.” Beckett asks him if he has any more wisdom, and he says that’s it for the day but asks her if she wants to go with him to get a drink. Beckett declines, saying she has a date. Castle, confused, asks who with. Beckett replies that it’s called a private life because it is private, and unlike Castle, she doesn’t live her life publicly. He remarks that she is a mysterious woman, to which she replies that maybe there is more to “Nikki Heat” than he thinks before leaving him alone, in the lurch, and with much to think about as the screen fades to black.


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Beckett: It's Sunday morning, shouldn't you be slinking home from a scandalous liaison?
Castle: Would you be jealous if I were?
Beckett: In your dreams.
Castle: Actually, in my dream you're never jealous, in my dreams you just join-
Beckett: She's naked!
Castle: She's not naked. She's holding a gun... strategically.
Beckett: Six months.
Castle: Six months what?
Beckett: We dated for six months.
Castle: I didn't ask.
Beckett: Yea, I know. You were not asking very loudly.
Castle: I know, I'm like a Jedi like that.
Ryan: This is a gift from my girlfriend.
Esposito: Girlfriend?
Ryan: Today's our 2-week anniversary.
Beckett and Castle: Ooh.
Esposito: Ooh. Two weeks. Is that the paper or the silk?
Castle: I believe it's the whipped.
Esposito: Good one.
Ryan: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
Sorenson: A couple dozen best sellers doesn't make you a criminologist.
Castle: I also don't need a weatherman to tell me that the sky is blue.
Beckett: Oh, for God's sakes! Why don't you both just drop your pants and get it over with!
Castle: I'm game.
Beckett: Be careful, okay?
Castle: Do I detect actual concern for my well-being?
Beckett: Screw this up, and I'll kill you.
Castle: That's more like it.

Featured Music[]

  • "Get What I Want" - Bitter:Sweet




  • Castle brings Beckett coffee for the first time. Her drink of choice is a grande skim latte, with two pumps of sugar free vanilla.
  • We learn that Beckett had a six-month relationship with Agent Sorenson, that ended with him leaving.
  • We also learn that Beckett and Castle previously met when she stood in line for an autograph, but he doesn't remember.
  • Ryan is celebrating his two week anniversary with his "girlfriend", who will eventually become his wife.
  • When Sorenson questions Castle as to why he doesn't "shadow a real detective", Castle responds by telling him that "the ones on TV seem awfully fixated on their sunglasses." This is most likely a reference to the CSI: Miami character, Horatio Caine (played by David Caruso), which airs at the same time as "Castle" in the US.
  • In walking to drop off the money, Castle tells Beckett, "I'm five by five." The phrase refers to radio signals and a report of signal strength and clarity that is received.[1] This line was often used by the character "Faith" from the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She used it to tell everyone she was doing fine, often when it was clearly untrue. Nathan Fillion had a recurring role on Buffy.
  • Castle makes the statement, "I feel like Michael finding the gun taped behind the toilet." "Michael" is Michael Corleone, from the 1969 novel and the 1972 film "The Godfather".
  • Castle says that he "couldn't imagine anything like this ever happening to Alexis." In Season 5, Episode 15 "Target", Alexis is kidnapped.
  • This is the first episode in which there is no murder victim.


  • When Castle is preparing for the drop and talking to Beckett, he is buttoning his shirt. He gets to the next-to-last button and finishes buttoning it before the shot cuts to Beckett. When the shot cuts back to him, Castle is buttoning it again.



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